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Lars, You Need a Cause

I’ve recently noticed some interesting ads, focused on brand loyalty and awareness:

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What’s Your VUE?

imageLawson has announced an interesting service offering, VUE ’09, targeted at those of you who weren’t able to make it to their recent CUE ‘09 conference in San Diego.

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CUE 09 Descends On San Diego

When Lawson CUE was held in San Diego this past April, Lawson invited some software industry bloggers to attend the annual event.  I’ll let you read their reviews:

Unlike the LawsonGuru Blog, which targets you—the actual Lawson customer, each of these bloggers targets the larger enterprise software marketplace.  But, hey, it’s Lawson’s conference, so they have to right to invite whomever they want.

Alas, I stayed home.

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My Thoughts on CUE 2007

Even though I didn’t attend Lawson CUE this year in San Diego, I did receive my usual eyewitness reports.  I also viewed the video feeds of keynotes and listened in on the executive/analyst briefings.  And, naturally, I do have my opinions.

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CUE 06: "9 on Your Mind?"

Even though I didn’t attend Lawson CUE this year in Orlando, I did get a number of eyewitness reports. I also viewed webcasts of the keynotes and listened in on a couple of the executive briefings.

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Lawson’s Project Landmark

 The biggest news from Lawson CUE 2005 was the announcement of Project Landmark. This is the culmination of over three years of development, spearheaded by Richard Lawson, one of the founders of Lawson Software.

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Why I Can’t Go to CUE

Many of you are probably making your plans to join Lawson at their annual CUE user conference. Unfortunately, I won’t be there. Seems I’m not invited.

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CUE in Review

I enjoyed meeting with many of you (including some, ahem, who didn’t yet know about the LawsonGuru Letter, or those of you who were perhaps afraid to admit it!). I’m hoping that by next year’s CUE, perhaps Lawson will give me a press pass, and I can get a seat in the front row!

Whether you attended or not, here are my observations-some good, some not so good–on what I took back from CUE:

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Are You Active About Upgrading?

This past month, I attended one of the numerous Lawson "Upgrade Road Shows" being presented to the various user groups. If you’re a Unix or Windows NT/2000 client still running v7.2.x applications, you no doubt know by now that Lawson’s support for these applications will end on May 31, 2004.

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Counting to Six (Sigma,that is)

In the coming months, Microsoft will be releasing some tools for implementing Six Sigma methodologies in your workgroups and enterprise.  There are some niche Six Sigma software offerings, but with Microsoft targeting it, you had better believe that Six Sigma will “go mainstream”.  They’ve done it before, with OLAP, and chances are that Microsoft will do it again with Six Sigma.

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