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About the LawsonGuru Blog…

Decision Analytics LogoPart of my goal—as your self-appointed ombudsman in the Lawson Software community—is to increase each and every client’s return on their Lawson investment, by providing them with provocative commentary and timely information that improves their use of Lawson’s ERP software.

I wanted to fill what I felt was a void in the Lawson community. There were user groups, Lawson had its support site, and there was, of course, CUE.  However, what I felt was missing was a source of information that was comprehensive and completely unbiased.

This is why I started The LawsonGuru Letter back in 2002.  The LawsonGuru Letter newsletter is distributed-free of charge-on a monthly basis, covering a broad spectrum of topics that are relevant to the Lawson Software community.  In addition, The LawsonGuru Letter also provides a forum for guest contributors that include consultants and of course, Lawson’s customers.

While the newsletter has been very successful, I realized I had to take it a step further.  The result is the site.  Here are some highlights:

  • A Lawson-centric home page, containing announcements, a LWSN stock quote, a Lawson-related newsfeed, as well as an occasional survey question, and my current “worthwhile reading” article list.
  • The Forums where you can post and respond to Lawson-related questions and issues.  Similar to the topica mailing lists, but without the embedded advertisements and those oh-so-annoying “out-of-office” message storms.
  • Lawson ERDs:  Lawson doesn’t publish any. Therefore, you can certainly appreciate that some of the biggest attractions on the site are my celebrated Lawson ERDs and hyperlinked data dictionary.
  • Tips & Tricks: A repository of my favorite Tips & Tricks from amongst those published (and many unpublished) in The LawsonGuru Letter.

And along with, I also decided to jump into the blogosphere, hence the LawsonGuru Blog, where I can rant about my Lawson pet peeves.  So, enjoy the blog.  Tell your friends and colleagues about it.  Comment frequently.

John Henley
Decision Analytics 

Note: Lawson® is a registered trademark of Lawson Software, Inc.  The LawsonGuru Letter is not affiliated with or sponsored by Lawson Software, Inc.  Lawson Software, Inc. is not responsible for the content of this information.


One response to “About the LawsonGuru Blog…

  1. Ann Hernandez January 2, 2013 at 3:06 pm

    Can someone please tell me the latest version of Lawson LTM?
    thanks – amh in cali

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