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Piling It On: This Time It’s Apple

I was going to leave well enough alone.  I’m not an Apple user, and not at all affected by the recent flap over the iPhone4 antenna problems.  But then I saw this headline:

Fix iPhone ‘Death Grip’ For Free, Urges Senator

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Even If You Can’t Reproduce It, It’s Still a Bug

It’s one of my pet peeves. "We can’t enter it as a problem unless we can reproduce it."

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Caution: Rough Patches Ahead

Recently posted on a forum:

Has anyone encountered any problems when moving to ESP 7?
We are preparing to move to ESP 7 and are not aware of any problems, but if anyone has any bad experiences, please share.

This was immediately responded to by a user who said:

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All A-Twitter ‘Bout Nothin’

It seems the whole universe is “tweeting” about something, and we, as a culture, just can’t get enough of it:

  • Some celebs have exceeded 1 MILLION followers, and that makes the “news”.  Gee, pardon my lack of excitement.
  • Senators and Congress{men|women} tweeting during Obama’s address to Congress.  Have they forgotten about decorum and manners?

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Does CRM Invade Our Privacy?

Once a year, it happens.  My birthday, that is.  I won’t yammer on and on about birthdays, and how when you get to be “over-the-hill”, you don’t want to think about birthdays.  No, I’m perfectly fine with my age (hey, I earned my grey hair!).

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Pondering an Age Old Question

I think it goes something like this: “’tis  better to have loved and lost, or to never have loved at all?”

To put a twist on it a bit, is it better to have competed and lost, or never to have competed?  That is the question.

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Oh, so now you’re an expert, huh?

Can’t you just envision this as being a perfect line of Alice Kramden dialogue from an episode of The Honeymooners?   Ralph is contriving some plan with Norton, purporting to be “the expert” on whatever scheme is being cooked up.  And in steps clear-headed Alice, to utter the deflating question that brings it all back into perspective, “Oh, so now you’re an expert, huh?”

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Lawson’s Install Amnesia

Does anyone else think that when you install a Lawson application, install locations should be remembered for future installs? 

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Wonders Never Cease

As they say, “wonders never cease”, or something like that.

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Who’s Minding the Store?

I know, I know.  I pick on Lawson Support too much.  Read more of this post

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