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Lawson’s Install Amnesia

Does anyone else think that when you install a Lawson application, install locations should be remembered for future installs? 

In other words, why do you have to enter these paths every single time you install a Lawson product?


And while we’re on the topic, why can’t Lawson figure out which version is running of Lawson’s own server environment?



One response to “Lawson’s Install Amnesia

  1. MTFF June 13, 2008 at 6:33 pm

    I dislike the install amnesia because its anti-more time for fun.

    The amount of time wasted entering information the software should be smart enough to know.

    Have you ever called, say your insurance company, where the automated menu asks you to enter your account number via the touch tone phone? Then, when you finally get a person, the first question they ask you is “what is your account number”. I just entered it!.

    Same type of Amnesia.

    For those of us that installs SW all the time, I must have lost at least 48 hours of my life typing in GENDIR, LAWDIR, WEBDIR, …..

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