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Infor10 Lawson S3

I’ve told you before that Lawson’s acquisition by Infor would be interesting. Our first taste of this new combination is Infor10 Lawson S3 (quite a mouthful, isn’t it?). I’ve been attending various product briefings and user groups, perusing the documentation, participating in a lead adopter project, and receiving my usual eyewitness reports and unsubstantiated rumors.  What’s caught my attention?

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Lawson Software Introduces Infor10 Lawson S3

In Whom Do You Trust?

For larger enterprise applications, you typically sign (and pay for) an annual maintenance agreement covering day-to-day support and/or updates.  Or do you?

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Riding the Upgrade Crazy Train

You’re probably still dizzy, having just finished your Time Accrual to Absence Management upgrade.  And it doesn’t seem that long ago that we went through that frenetic cycle of LSF9 and 9.0 Apps upgrades.  Well, get ready folks–there’s more to come, with no foreseeable end in sight. 

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No Pain, No Gain?

Sure, it’s a tired adage, but it’s rather fitting.
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Tell Us About Your S3 Apps Upgrade

Several Lawson clients have asked me about what I’m hearing about the Lawson S3 applications upgrades.  As you know, Lawson S3 apps will be decommissioned in 2010, and clients are in various stages of the upgrade.

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We All Knew This Day Would Come

Your Paper, Sir?

Dog Fetching Newspaper Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that the newspaper industry is in a serious decline.  Maybe that’s not strong enough.

Newspapers, as we’ve known them, are on their deathbed.   And it’s a sad reversal of fortune.  Gone are the glory days of The Washington Post’s Woodward and Bernstein.

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Are You Aligned?

We always hear a lot about IT alignment. That is, how aligned your IT goals are with goals of your business? Usually, these are addressed in a macro view, but rarely in micro. But what about within the IT organization itself? Are its goals aligned internally within IT?

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Whatever Happened to “Upgrade While Active”??

During the 7.2 -> 8.0 Applications upgrade cycle, Lawson introduced “Upgrade While Active” (at CUE 2003 I think…).  This changed the upgrade process to reduce the downtime required to move the data from between application product lines as part of the upgrade. 

The 8.0 -> 9.0 Applications were rewritten to use the Java-based sqldbcopy, and table data is copied between product lines/databases directly on the database server rather than the previously-used dump/load method.  This, of course, speeds things up dramatically.  Read more of this post

How Slow Is Your Upgrade?

It’s a complaint I hear often, although not as often as I used to hear it.   The upgrade programs/process was re-worked to take advantage of sqldbcopy, which solves some of the speed issues for copy jobs (i.e. tables which don’t require conversion).  For those, the copying is done directly on the database server.  However, some of the pre-jobs, loads, and post-jobs continue to be a bottleneck. Read more of this post

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