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Troubleshooting "Duplicate Records" in Crystal Reports

If you haven’t discovered Ken Hamady, you need to check out his recent post on troubleshooting “duplicate records”.  This is perhaps the most frustrating issue that report designers encounter when developing reports against Lawson tables.

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SAP to Acquire Business Objects

First Hyperion gets acquired by Oracle (see

Now more big news this week:  The question I’m getting from a lot of you in the Lawson community is: “Where does this leave Lawson?”.  And, of course, the answer is, “well, of course, I don’t know”.  But I have my opinions/ideas. Read more of this post


Rosetta, the Crystal Killer?

I recently got a chance to see a pre-release version of Microsoft’s SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services, That’s a pretty long name, which is probably why it was formerly known as "Rosetta". I call it the "Crystal Killer".

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