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A Bittersweet Ending

Cloudy with a Chance of Lawson?

CUE 09 Descends On San Diego

When Lawson CUE was held in San Diego this past April, Lawson invited some software industry bloggers to attend the annual event.  I’ll let you read their reviews:

Unlike the LawsonGuru Blog, which targets you—the actual Lawson customer, each of these bloggers targets the larger enterprise software marketplace.  But, hey, it’s Lawson’s conference, so they have to right to invite whomever they want.

Alas, I stayed home.

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Do You Agree With Harry?

Lawson’s CEO Harry Debes certainly isn’t afraid to speak his mind or express his feelings.  But Harry’s latest remarks deriding Software as a Service (SaaS) might just put him in the doghouse:

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LSWN: Your Full-Service Provider

An interesting comment in the recent FY08 earnings conference call, made by CEO Harry Debes:

“I think some of our competitors in the case of Microsoft delivers no services, in the case of SAP and Oracle deliver a lot less services. It’s a strategy of ours to in fact be intimately involved with our customer not just to sell them software, we don’t think of ourselves as a software publisher. We think of ourselves as a solutions company and that involves services.”

LWSN: It’s Time (to Reinvest)

Yesterday, Lawson released their fourth-quarter and fiscal year 2008.  To just read Lawson’s press release (, you can see that (according to Lawson, at least) everything’s rosy:

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LWSN and Dogfood ?!?

I was copied on this email from a Lawson client, who was addressing their concerns to Lawson: We are getting conflicting information from Lawson on this subject. 
1.  Is Concur a Lawson Partner?
2.  Is Lawson using Concur internally for Expense Reimbursement?
3.  Does Lawson plan to use Concur internally for Expense Reimbursement in the future?
If the answer to any of these is “yes”, can you please explain why and what the plans are for the Lawson Time & Expense module?

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My Thoughts on CUE 2007

Even though I didn’t attend Lawson CUE this year in San Diego, I did receive my usual eyewitness reports.  I also viewed the video feeds of keynotes and listened in on the executive/analyst briefings.  And, naturally, I do have my opinions.

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CUE 06: "9 on Your Mind?"

Even though I didn’t attend Lawson CUE this year in Orlando, I did get a number of eyewitness reports. I also viewed webcasts of the keynotes and listened in on a couple of the executive briefings.

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Lawson’s Good News

I listened in to the analyst conference call a couple of weeks ago when Lawson Software released their Q4 2005 Financials (to hear a replay see

These conference calls are always a hoot; there’s really any negatives shared in this way–it’s much easier for a company to issue a press release and not take any questions!

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