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Coming Soon to a (Lawson) Support Site Near You!

Lawson morphs into Infor, continued.  You might have missed this notification, and I haven’t heard much noise regarding it. But I will share my insight.


As a practical matter, this simply means that you will soon be using some different tools when you visit the support site. But I also see a couple of significant milestones:

  • The end of our love/hate relationship with the Lawson KB. As I’ve pointed out previously, I was surprised Lawson had continued—post-acquisition by Infor—to expend resources on the KB. It has become a sprawling mess of articles, documentation, and Lawson Community posts. When patches were added, that further exacerbated our inability to find anything. Infor’s replacement solution, frankly, can’t be much worse.
  • CASE is gone, is Landmark far behind? Adopted with great fanfare, CASE did offer some useful features compared to its predecessor, Lawson Interactive Support (LIS). But it always felt like it wasn’t quite ready for prime time. Most importantly, I think this signals another nail in the coffin for Landmark.  As I’ve said before, Infor has been touting its Mongoose development framework. I don’t expect Infor to carry forward multiple legacy/siloed products. Sure, Landmark is the foundation for Lawson Process Automation (LPA), but LPA was planned and developed prior to the Infor acquisition. I think LPA is merely a stepping stone to Infor ION, and other Landmark-based products (Strategic Sourcing, Talent Management, etc.) will eventually get re-written in Mongoose.

Update, 08/30/2012: Corrections to my speculation regarding Landmark, from Darci Snyder, Lawson/Infor Director Product Management:

"Landmark has been re-branded to Infor Java Framework and is one of the development foundations that we use as an organization. We have several products where we are looking for betas that are built on the Infor Java Framework – Close Management, Reconciliation Management, AP Automation, Operational Cash Management – there are Statement of Directions on that talk about these products. These products are strategic to the Office of the CFO initiative that we have been working on. We released Recall Management – also written in Landmark this last spring for the Healthcare customer base. So Landmark (Infor Java Framework) is being leveraged on many current projects and other farther out on the roadmap that can’t be discussed yet. The support tools are changing – but this isn’t a reflection on Landmark – just a tools consolidation within the company."


3 responses to “Coming Soon to a (Lawson) Support Site Near You!

  1. Phil Simon August 29, 2012 at 11:56 am

    The KB was tantamount to search in 1996. Simply awful. Its successor can’t be any worse.

  2. Genevieve (@GenAtInfor) August 31, 2012 at 1:20 am

    Thanks for spreading the word about the migration to the Infor Xtreme Support Portal! This move will indeed be of great benefit to our End Users with a cleaner user interface and much easier to navigate– it’s all about speed! We are firmly committed to providing our customers with better support, having invested over $2M into Xtreme Support during its first year alone! We are also continuing to evolve our User Communities and feedback like this is invaluable to us in these efforts.

    Regarding your alert on Landmark –

    Infor’s Landmark java framework (formerly known simply as Landmark) is the go forward java application development framework for Infor Lawson business applications. Since the acquisition, Infor has tripled the investment in building new applications using Infor’s Landmark java framework and is investing heavily in improving the framework itself. We currently have more developers working on the core Landmark platform than ever before and have dramatically more developers working on building new Landmark apps. Recent releases of applications and solutions based on Landmark include Infor Lawson Recall Management, Infor Lawson Student Activity Management, and the business process management solution Infor Lawson Process Automation. Statements of Direction are highlighted on myLawson; see AP Automation, Operational Cash Management, Close and Reconciliation Management on

    Also, stay tuned for more Infor Landmark java framework based mobile apps to be announced in the future!

    Social Media Manager
    Infor – XtremeSupport

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