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Inforum 2014

Although I didn’t attend Inforum 2014, this is the backdrop against which I watched the keynotes via streaming video and digested the executive/analyst briefings.

“’Designing emotion into the product is now something you really have to think about explicitly and measure yourself against’, says Brad Smith, CEO of Intuit, the maker of personal finance and small-business software.” – Fortune Magazine, September 22, 2014, page 55.“

My thoughts, eyewitness reports and unsubstantiated rumors follow. I’ve included some article links at the bottom so you can get other perspectives.

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Another Update on Alleged Patent Infringement


Back in 2011, Lawson responded to an Alleged Patent Infringement by replacing Requisition Self-Service (RSS) with Requisition Center (RQC). In the meantime, Lawson has been acquired by Infor, but the patent case still lingers.

Here’s an update. Some of you might have received this notice from Infor, and are unsure how this might impact your organization. The usual disclaimers apply: No, I’m not an attorney, nor do I play one on television. Here’s my interpretation.

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Time To Rename LawsonGuru ?

With Lawson S3 and M3 customers adopting integrated Infor products, is it time to expand and rename the LawsonGuru Letter and I thought it would be fun to ask the community for advice.

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Inforum 2013

I just returned from Orlando, having attended Inforum 2013. Last year’s Inforum, which quickly followed the acquisition of Lawson by Infor, was really just a combination of Lawson’s annual conference (CUE) with Infor’s name and logo slapped on for good measure. This year was quite a different story. Starting with the fact that I was actually invited to attend, and helped present two different sessions.

What follows is my own analysis of the keynote/general sessions, off-the-record conversations with Infor employees and customers, and of course, my usual eyewitness reports and unsubstantiated rumors. In addition, I’ve included some article links at the bottom.

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Coming Soon to a (Lawson) Support Site Near You!

Lawson morphs into Infor, continued.  You might have missed this notification, and I haven’t heard much noise regarding it. But I will share my insight.

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Infor10 Lawson S3

I’ve told you before that Lawson’s acquisition by Infor would be interesting. Our first taste of this new combination is Infor10 Lawson S3 (quite a mouthful, isn’t it?). I’ve been attending various product briefings and user groups, perusing the documentation, participating in a lead adopter project, and receiving my usual eyewitness reports and unsubstantiated rumors.  What’s caught my attention?

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Inforum 2012

Following the acquisition by Infor, Lawson’s annual conference (CUE) has morphed into Inforum, which was held this past week in Denver. I didn’t attend, but I watched the video feeds of keynotes, read the executive/analyst briefings, and of course received my usual eyewitness reports and unsubstantiated rumors. In addition, I’ve included some article links at the bottom. My thoughts:

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Lawson Software Introduces Infor10 Lawson S3

Farewell, Dean

By now, you’ve probably heard the news that Dean Hager is leaving Lawson (see Key Executives Leave Lawson Software After Infor Acquisition).

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Why I’m Bullish on Lawson/Infor

Six months ago, I told you to stay tuned. I admit it. I had my doubts. Frankly, I was planning a new venture, and was ready to close the door on the LawsonGuru blog, LawsonGuru Letter, and So what changed my mind?
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