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Inforum 2012

Following the acquisition by Infor, Lawson’s annual conference (CUE) has morphed into Inforum, which was held this past week in Denver. I didn’t attend, but I watched the video feeds of keynotes, read the executive/analyst briefings, and of course received my usual eyewitness reports and unsubstantiated rumors. In addition, I’ve included some article links at the bottom. My thoughts:

  • Infor projects itself as a “new” enterprise software company, with a startup mentality. It’s all about execution, and the speed of that execution. In fact, they even have an SVP of Speed.
  • Infor’s key differentiation is their focus on specific industries, and specifically, “micro verticals” – very specialized industries.  In other words, it’s not just “food & beverage” but rather dairy, meats, bakery, etc.
  • Infor acquired Lawson in order to enhance to their product portfolio, specifically HR/Talent Management and Financials. Lawson also offered some additional vertical-focused customer bases, with a strong presence in healthcare and public sector. According to Infor CEO Charles Phillips, this acquisition presented a highly complementary industry / product mix with very little overlap.
  • Infor 10
    • A common application infrastructure offering: UI/Workspace, Master Data Management, Localization, Analytics, Reporting, and Mobility
    • ION middleware provides integration based on XML documents
      • Achieving integration using industry standards
      • Integrates at a very high level in a loosely-coupled fashion
    • Localization via “” (cloud-based) service
    • Business Vault
      • Since Infor 10’s integration occurs at the ION middleware layer, every transaction is captured into a common searchable data warehouse
  • Cloverleaf, previously acquired by Lawson, is now part of ION, offering a “clinical bridge”, combining various healthcare data repositories across departments, e.g. patient revenue, Cloverleaf/HL7, EPIC, Cerner, etc.
    • This is an example of Infor’s intention to model and integrate various commonly-utilized business data streams and make them available to all organizations in a given industry. 
  • Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) extension for healthcare
    • An interesting integration (again, using ION) across various products across the Infor portfolio to delivery an industry-specific solution: item utilization and replenishment, product recalls, preventive maintenance, energy usage, patient usage/billing, etc.
  • Lawson S3 10 demonstrates that Lawson S3 is now clearly an Infor product. I’ll elaborate in a future post.

Some Inforum-related news articles:


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  2. Marc Neves January 29, 2013 at 9:33 pm

    Does anyone have a soft of the Inforum 2012 session schedule? I need it for my CPA CPE and I seemed to have misplaced the hard copy I had.


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