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Does Landmark Change Lawson’s Offshore Strategy?

Is Lawson about to reinvent itself? Remember a couple of years ago, how everyone was trying to be part of the offshore phenomenon?  Lawson, not wanting to miss the party nor the potential savings, hooked up with offshore services provider Xansa (see  The plan was that Xansa would be utilized, “…to manage Lawson’s product maintenance services…” and to “…increase Lawson’s development capacity, to focus on new product development.” (see 

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Where Have All The (Lawson) People Gone?

I have a number of clients who are looking to fill various Lawson-related positions, and simply can’t find anyone. Even in DC–a major metro area.

It’s kind of scary that there really aren’t any people looking. You would think with the economic gloom and outsourcing and offshoring that we’ve had over the past few years that there would be a huge pool of available resources, but there really isn’t.

Which means that people with Lawson knowledge are in high demand, or that there is so a low demand for Lawson skills, and that means nobody is available. Same issue, viewed from two different angles I guess.

Lawson Goes Offshore

Several months ago (see , I wrote about Lawson’s offshore development plans. This month let’s take a closer look.

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Lawson’s India Flap

By far, the biggest news this month on the Lawson front may be its most controversial. In conjunction with an announcement of some development layoffs, Lawson announced that, over the next 2 years, it plans to move some development jobs offshore to an as-yet-unnamed organization in India (see

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