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Customization: Risk vs. Reward

One of the realities of ERP is that organizations often feel they need to customize to meet their requirements. Customization is a tough choice to make and there really is no good answer. In this article, we’ll examine some of the reasons for customization of your Lawson S3 Applications, why to avoid it, and how to mitigate the risks if you do customize.

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How Slow Is Your Upgrade?

It’s a complaint I hear often, although not as often as I used to hear it.   The upgrade programs/process was re-worked to take advantage of sqldbcopy, which solves some of the speed issues for copy jobs (i.e. tables which don’t require conversion).  For those, the copying is done directly on the database server.  However, some of the pre-jobs, loads, and post-jobs continue to be a bottleneck. Read more of this post

So, you want a longer address field?

 This is one issue that I always argue against.  Here’s my stock response.  Read more of this post

Lawson via Web Services

At CUE in April, I got to meet with some folks from Lawson’s technology group who are working on adding web services capabilities to Lawson.  I truly believe this will change the way you work with Lawson some time in the not-so-distant future. Think I’m nuts? 

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A Quick Primer on EAI

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) can mean many things.  Integrating various applications can be as simple—and "low-tech"—as direct interfaces between systems in your organization.

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