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Another Update on Alleged Patent Infringement


Back in 2011, Lawson responded to an Alleged Patent Infringement by replacing Requisition Self-Service (RSS) with Requisition Center (RQC). In the meantime, Lawson has been acquired by Infor, but the patent case still lingers.

Here’s an update. Some of you might have received this notice from Infor, and are unsure how this might impact your organization. The usual disclaimers apply: No, I’m not an attorney, nor do I play one on television. Here’s my interpretation.

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Are You Recession-Proof?

The economy is on practically everyone’s mind these days.  We know we’re in for a bumpy ride over the next several months, and perhaps even years.  Everywhere we turn, organizations are “battening down the hatches”, learning to do more with less.  One way to do that is to evaluate our tools as well as our approaches to some of the routine tasks that we perform.

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The Art and Science of Troubleshooting

“How do I fix xyz?”

Thinking about how to troubleshoot reminds me of trying to fix my leaky shower.

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David Williams shares some secrets on moving your ProcessFlow v8 .flo files to LSF9

 David Williams from Paradigm ERP is a frequent LawsonGuru Letter Guest Spot contributer.  He also has a blog on Lawson ProcessFlow. Read more of this post

Why Software Sucks, Lawson-Style

Does Lawson’s software suck?  Read more of this post

Lawson ProcessFlow:You own it. Use it.

ProcessFlow.  Most Lawson clients don’t understand it.  You may not even realize that you own it.  Or appreciate its potential. Read more of this post

Lawson via Web Services

At CUE in April, I got to meet with some folks from Lawson’s technology group who are working on adding web services capabilities to Lawson.  I truly believe this will change the way you work with Lawson some time in the not-so-distant future. Think I’m nuts? 

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A Quick Primer on EAI

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) can mean many things.  Integrating various applications can be as simple—and "low-tech"—as direct interfaces between systems in your organization.

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Are You Ready for Smart Notification?

For several years, I’ve consulted for a CIO who’s "tagline" is "The right information for the right person at the right time".

That phrase came to mind as I watched one of the most compelling product demos at CUE: Smart Notification. You may have seen the demo or heard about this technology, which Lawson acquired from Keyola ( just days before CUE 2002. 

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Are You Process-Driven?

I’ve been thinking and reading a lot lately about “process”.   Michael Hammer, in his latest book “The Agenda” (ISBN 0-609-60966-1), spells out 9 concepts that companies will need to master in order to survive and thrive.   One of them is to transform your organization into a “process enterprise”.

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