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We’re Number One!

It’s not often that one gets to say “we are the best”, but Medstar Montgomery Medical Center (MMMC) now has that honor. I’ve had the privilege of working with MMMC [formerly Montgomery General Hospital] for over a decade.  Truly a fantastic group of IT professionals, and I’m proud to be part of their team!  So, congratulations MMMC! Read more: #1 Best Small Hospital IT Departments – 2013


What’s Wrong With This Picture?

No, this post has nothing to do with Lawson.  Except that Lawson S3 supported databases include both Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server. 

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What Lawson Can Learn From IBM

As you know, and Decision Analytics have absolutely no affiliation with Lawson Software.  Which makes for a sometimes contentious relationship with Lawson. 

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Phil Simon’s New Book: Why New Systems Fail

Make sure you check out the new book, Why New Systems Fail: Theory and Practice Collide, by my friend and fellow independent consultant Phil Simon.  The book includes an interview with me on reporting.

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Are You Recession-Proof?

The economy is on practically everyone’s mind these days.  We know we’re in for a bumpy ride over the next several months, and perhaps even years.  Everywhere we turn, organizations are “battening down the hatches”, learning to do more with less.  One way to do that is to evaluate our tools as well as our approaches to some of the routine tasks that we perform.

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The Art and Science of Troubleshooting

“How do I fix xyz?”

Thinking about how to troubleshoot reminds me of trying to fix my leaky shower.

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Oh, so now you’re an expert, huh?

Can’t you just envision this as being a perfect line of Alice Kramden dialogue from an episode of The Honeymooners?   Ralph is contriving some plan with Norton, purporting to be “the expert” on whatever scheme is being cooked up.  And in steps clear-headed Alice, to utter the deflating question that brings it all back into perspective, “Oh, so now you’re an expert, huh?”

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Making the Tough Go/No-Go Decisions

There was an interesting article in the Washington Post (10/13/02) recently about the abandoned conversion of the DC government’s payroll system. If you live in the DC area, you may remember a few years ago when this system was being cutover–there were stories in the paper and on the local TV news about people not being paid, and how the system was a mess, etc. etc.

In a nutshell, they’ve spent $20 million to replace their 33-year-old system, and have decided to just keep using the old system.

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