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So, you want a longer address field?

 This is one issue that I always argue against.  Here’s my stock response.  Theoretically, it’s not a big deal to make this change:
– Change the element size in dbdef
– blddbdict
– dbreorg
– cobcmp (you should recompile the entire system)
You would then need modify the maintenance screens (e.g. AP10, etc.) that update these fields, and recompile them.


What you are making is MODIFICATION to the BASE LAWSON DELIVERED PRODUCT. This can have SIGNIFICANT IMPACT on your ability to maintain Lawson. For example, since you have modified the standard Lawson tables, when you install an MSP you will need to use the manual installation process–you can no longer use the Automated process. You also have to be prepared that this change may be undone if any CTP changes the APVENMAST table and requires a dbreorg. You would need to intervene before the dbreorg and reapply your table modification.

The other part of the modification is that you have to comb thru and change the references to that field in the various pieces of shared/library code in which it is used, and defined with the same size as it is in the table.  The interesting thing is that Lawson gave *itself* the mechanism via element definitions to define it ONCE and then use “LIKE …” syntax which the bismark pre-compiler then replaces with the appropriate PIC clause.  However, they don’t use it consistently.

Having said all of that (I just want you to be aware of the implications), this is a fairly common issue (longer addresses) and one which Lawson should have made in the base product a long time ago. So I understand your reasons for wanting to make the change.

You could do it less intrusively (i.e. reducing the risk of getting clobbered by an MSP) by creating some subordinate “longer address” tables which are joined to the primary APVENMAST/APVENADDR tables. You could then use some Design Studio forms to allow for entry into the longer address tables. Depending on why you’re changing the addresses, you could clone the various programs (AP155, AP160, etc.) on which you want to present the longer addresses.


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