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Are You Aligned?

We always hear a lot about IT alignment. That is, how aligned your IT goals are with goals of your business? Usually, these are addressed in a macro view, but rarely in micro. But what about within the IT organization itself? Are its goals aligned internally within IT?

Here’s an example: You’re faced with a series of upgrades. You need to upgrade to 9.0 apps in order to stay current, and supported.   To do that, you need to upgrade LSF9.  Your IT group has to upgrade development, test, and production.  But, it can’t interrupt production.  Your platform group only provides 24/7 support for production.  The upgrade in development doesn’t go well. the schedule’s slipping.  The IT group can’t get weekend support from the platform group.  The schedule slips further.  The moral to this story: make sure your goals are aligned internally, and you have proper support from the entire organization, before embarking on your upgrades.


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