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One Of My Hats: "Application Architect"?

A recent CIO magazine article ( made me think about some of the roles I fill for my clients.

When describing my own consulting business, I really have a hard time, since I’m what is called a “specialized generalist” according to the taxing authorities.

I provide a number of consulting services to Lawson clients, such as:

  • Installation, configuration, troubleshooting of Lawson products, including LSF9, S3 ERP applications, SA/PSA, LBI, ProcessFlow, etc. etc.
  • Customization of Lawson’s S3 applications
  • Integrating client applications with Lawson products
  • Development and tuning of Crystal Reports for Lawson’s databases
  • Design and development of ProcessFlow workflows
  • Managing and providing content for and The LawsonGuru Letter
  • Mentoring and training for Lawson developers and systems administrators
  • Presentations/training sessions for clients and Lawson user groups
  • …and on and on.

When you step back and look at this, I think this fits what the CIO article calls “Application Architect”.  Mentoring developers and helping clients understand how Lawson fits into their larger landscape of applications.  As a developer at heart, It’s what I like to do the best.


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