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Pondering an Age Old Question

I think it goes something like this: “’tis  better to have loved and lost, or to never have loved at all?”

To put a twist on it a bit, is it better to have competed and lost, or never to have competed?  That is the question.

You see, I have a running banter with Eric Tu. You’ll remember Eric is the one who works at The College Board and hosts  Eric loves golf. Correction. He’s obsessed. And for Eric, Tiger Woods is the quintessential golfer.

Me? I know nothing of golf. Never watch it. Never play it. But one day I saw a piece on 60 Minutes about this guy named John DalyDaly is the polar opposite of Tiger Woods. He smokes. He drinks. He swears. He’s sponsored by Hooters.  He even got fired by his coach.  Controversy swirls around him.  And occasionally, he even plays well. But, boy, does he draw a crowd.  For Eric and the purists, this is just too much; Daly, for them, is the anathema of golf.

What brings this topic to a head, is that Daly is playing in the British Open. And Tiger Woods is not. Daly is dead last:


And naturally the subject of derision and ridicule. But at least he’s playing.

I personally think Tiger Woods came back way too soon from injury to play in the us Open, and ended up exacerbating his knee injury and will have to sit out the rest of 2008, perhaps derailing his career in the process. I don’t want to take anything away from Tiger; he’s obviously one of, if not the, best golfer ever. But I think he might have gotten greedy and came back too soon. He needed to rest and instead tried to come back too soon. Its not like he doesn’t have another 20 or 30 or 40 years left. Were not talking about someone, like Jesse Orosco, in the twilight of his career, making one more last impossible comeback.  So, Tiger sits at home, and, like Eric, watches on TV, as Daly self-destructs yet again.

Daly comes in dead last. He doesn’t make the cut. But he doesn’t withdraw. He draws the scorn of the purists. But at least he’s there.

Which is the age old question. If you come in last but at least you compete, isn’t that better than not having competed at all?

One response to “Pondering an Age Old Question

  1. MTFF July 21, 2008 at 3:47 pm

    Yes, it is true, I don’t like John Daly; however, my “dislike” of Mr. Daly has less to do with his drinking, gambling, or he is sponsored by Hooters (I like Hooters, by the way  ) and more to do with his attitude.

    Like most of us, we have jobs. For those of us who are lucky enough to have talent, and “work” at a job that utilizes that talent, is a true blessing.

    John Daly’s job (same as Tiger’s) is to play golf and compete in tournaments. We all know Tiger’s attitude towards the game, he is out to WIN, every time he plays.

    John on the other had, has talent (he has won Two Majors, British Open in 95, and PGA Championship in 91), but he doesn’t work hard at his job.

    My dislike of John is his un-professional attitude towards his job!!

    As for Tiger, risking injury and plying in the 2008 US Open. There are many, many comments and opinions on this topic. My view of it is this.
    1. Torrey Pines, like Beth Page Black, are unique US OPEN venues because they are Public golf courses.
    2. Beth Page has held US Open in the past; this is the FIRST time for Torrey Pines.
    3. Tiger’s first “real golf course” experience when he was 10, was at Torrey Pines with his Father.
    4. The U.S. Open is not scheduled to return to Torrey Pines, at least not before 2015.
    5. This is his first US OPEN as a father, as we know US OPEN ends (supposed to) on Father’s Day Sundays.

    All these “reasons”, I believe, is why Mr. Woods risked it all, and put on the BEST performance of a US OPEN win. As most professional Athletes would tell you, no matter how Super Bowls, World Series, Grand Prix, Tour De France they have won in their life time, there is one, and ONLY one, that they will remember the most.

    Tiger “chose” to make 2008 US Open his best memory (for now), at the risk of not playing the rest of the year (or maybe even longer). I believe he made the right choice.

    By the way, this is not the first time John Daly finished a tournament dead last.

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