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Is Lawson Enterprise-Ready?

This is a topic which always generates a lot of debate. On the one hand, you have Lawson, which touts its “enterprise-readiness”, and its ability to support large enterprises.   Most of us think of Lawson as a software vendor targeting small-to-medium companies, but ask any Lawson executive or salesperson, and they will tell you, “oh, we compete with SAP and Oracle all they time, and we win, too!”
Some oft-cited examples:

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Apple’s Stupefying Search Box

Maybe I’m just not hip enough to get it.

 Apple’s website search box
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Now (NOT) Serving Number …

Nothing says “we don’t care” better than lousy customer service. This was the “greeting” I received this morning on Lawson’s Support site when trying to open a case:
No Experts?

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Lawson’s Quality Crisis…The More Things Change…

A number of years ago, I wrote a LawsonGuru Letter article titled “Lawson’s Quality Crisis”.  I really had high hopes that Lawson was turning the corner on these problems as part of their various initiatives (including their adoption of better CMM practices, the Xansa partnership, etc.)

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LWSN and Dogfood ?!?

I was copied on this email from a Lawson client, who was addressing their concerns to Lawson: We are getting conflicting information from Lawson on this subject. 
1.  Is Concur a Lawson Partner?
2.  Is Lawson using Concur internally for Expense Reimbursement?
3.  Does Lawson plan to use Concur internally for Expense Reimbursement in the future?
If the answer to any of these is “yes”, can you please explain why and what the plans are for the Lawson Time & Expense module?

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Simpler is Better, huh?

Simpler Is Better?

Simpler Is Better?

Sorry. I couldn’t resist.


Does Lawson Own a Time Machine?

Seth Godin writes in his blog today ( about the use of time manipulation by customer service employees in order to achieve “customer satisfaction”.   I often feel the same way when I hear Lawson tout its “successful support call” completion rates.

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Lawson SSO…or SOS?

One of the highly touted new LSF9 features is Lawson Single-Sign-On (SSO).
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Why Software Sucks, Lawson-Style

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Does Landmark Change Lawson’s Offshore Strategy?

Is Lawson about to reinvent itself? Remember a couple of years ago, how everyone was trying to be part of the offshore phenomenon?  Lawson, not wanting to miss the party nor the potential savings, hooked up with offshore services provider Xansa (see  The plan was that Xansa would be utilized, “…to manage Lawson’s product maintenance services…” and to “…increase Lawson’s development capacity, to focus on new product development.” (see 

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