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Caution: Rough Patches Ahead

Recently posted on a forum:

Has anyone encountered any problems when moving to ESP 7?
We are preparing to move to ESP 7 and are not aware of any problems, but if anyone has any bad experiences, please share.

This was immediately responded to by a user who said:

We are currently working an issue with Lawson on ESP 7 where HR11 changes and ESS changes are not working when on LS security.

Why is the process of patching so frustrating? 
Why does it seem like there are potentially “breaking changes” every time a patch or service pack or whatever is installed? 


2 responses to “Caution: Rough Patches Ahead

  1. MTFF September 7, 2009 at 8:56 pm

    Frankly, because we allow it to happen.

    From the first day Software became a “product”, we collectively have put up with bugs and patches. It is a license for the vendors to put out bad products.

    A while ago there was a comparison between the auto industry and the software industry. Yes, SW has advanced much faster than auto, but, automobiles are, I would argue, much, much more reliable.

    There needs to be more responsibility put on the SW vendors to NOT allow them to put out poor quality products!

    Take a moment and think about it. All the stuff that we own and use, is there anything, that requires weekly patches?

    Its time to stand up to the software vendors. File law suits if necessary.

  2. Jimmy Chiu September 13, 2009 at 2:08 am

    Quite frankly, i don’t applied any patches that has not been posted for at least two weeks. If you paid as much attention as I did, you would notice some new patches are often taken down in a few days. I personally encountered one patch that broke RSS and lawson admitted having couple clients reported the same issue. The problem took couple days to fix. No one can do requisition meanwhile and I reversed the patch long before they “fixed” it.

    Lawson needs much better quality assurance team in place for the patches. They also need much better documentations. Any of you can tell lawson that, their documentations can get really confusing with typos and multiple “variables” that seems to change by the pages…

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