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Lawson Denying Support to non-Lawson-Installed Software?

Heard through the grapevine that Lawson is getting tougher with its customers when it comes to getting support. Seems that the Lawson support policy, revised in July 2002, dictates that support will only be provided for software when “A Lawson-certified installer has installed the product”. (For more details, see ).

I don’t know, but I think this is very exclusionary. Who exactly are “Lawson-certified installers”? Well, Lawson’s consultants, I guess. Probably some of the top-tier Lawson partners like Analysts International (AIC) and Digiterra.   Can independents be certified? No, only if they are certified while working with Lawson or a certified partner.   Can customers get certified? Nope.

So, does this mean that the customers themselves can’t install the software?   What if they install a service pack or a patch? Does that undo the certification?

Maybe it’s for the best. The Lawson 8.x Environment, including all of the Logan/IOS/Tomcat/RMI/Web Server house-of-cards, is so cantankerous, it’s probably best left to a Lawson-proclaimed “expert”. At least that’s one way to ensure recourse when it doesn’t work.


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