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Is Lawson’s Smart Client coming for S3 customers?

 A very detailed technical article was just published on the website, For Lawson’s S3 clients, there are hints of things to come…

 In particular, the expectation that S3 clients will eventually be able to utilize the new Lawson “SmartClient”, which debuted at CUE for Lawson’s M3 clients.  For S3 clients, this will be about the gazillionth iteration of Lawson’s UI.  After years of pushing clients to browser-based front-ends (and dealing with a constantly moving target-IE), Lawson has decided it’s time to get back to running their front-end as a Windows application.

In addition, there is mention of a “self-healing” monitor for Lawson:

The Foundation Stabilizer is a rule-based monitoring system that is based on common constraints and patterns defined by support and development personnel. It gathers system performance and configuration information during operation….When a potential issue is identified, the Stabilizer will issue warnings to support personnel (via Real Simple Syndication, email, or html) and take actions where applicable (such as lowering the guilty thread’s priority) to help ensure a stable system foundation.

As with some of the M3/S3 integration work highlighted at CUE 2007, these innovations are starting to show to both S3 and M3 clients–some of the promised benefits of the Lawson/Intentia merger.


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