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Lawson On The Block?

For years we’ve heard the rumors.  IBM is going to buy Lawson.  Oracle is going to buy Lawson.  HP is going to buy Lawson.

I haven’t seen this much excitement since Lawson’s acquisition of Intentia or perhaps when Carl Icahn took a stake in Lawson.  Never one to pass up an opportunity to raise the noise level, I will do my best to continue to provide coverage of any exciting developments, and ask for your feedback–so please post a comment.

The Rumor Mill

No, it’s not Charlie Sheen.  What has everyone so excited is  rumors (perhaps unsubstantiated) reported by Reuters that Lawson has retained Barclay’s Capital to “explore their options”.

Folks, this time I won’t say “no, Lawson isn’t going away”.  But please, do back away from the edge.  Take a deep calming breath.

If I was a gamblin’ man

And I’m not, at least when it comes to stocks and finance.  Several have even suggested that perhaps I should round up some investors and make a play for the company.  Not happening. 

But I think this might be Lawson’s time.  The Lawson brothers have all but retired, and have little (financial) interest anymore. The enterprise software market continues to consolidate.  The time is right for a deal.

Expect the Unexpected

But I’m thinking it might not be what anyone expects—and they have it backwards.  Look for Lawson not to be sold, but to acquire a competitor.  So, look not at….not at IBM, not at Oracle, but Infor.  Yes, you heard it hear first. 


One response to “Lawson On The Block?

  1. Lance Kelley March 14, 2011 at 5:18 pm


    You are on top of it…except it looks like Infor is the acquirer not the acquiree. The SEC filings up through January look like the owners are jockeying for a sale. Great work with your early warning systems!

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