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Smart Shelves? Radio Wave Lawson?

One of the primary goals for the LawsonGuru Letter is to keep you updated on the latest IT trends, and explain how they affect you as a Lawson client. RFID is one of those "new technologies" that is about to become commonplace.

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Under Lawson’s Covers

In the last issue, I reported on some of the enhancements that you would want if you could change any one feature in Lawson. One of these requests is to remove the "mainframe look-and-feel" of Lawson. Others have since agreed, and I have received numerous comments from you about how you’d like to see Lawson do away with some of this "clunky" behavior.

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Testing, 1, 2, 3

Testing is not only vital to the success of a software development project; it’s a vital ingredient for a successful implementation.  Here are some of my thoughts on testing:
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A Quick Primer on EAI

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) can mean many things.  Integrating various applications can be as simple—and "low-tech"—as direct interfaces between systems in your organization.

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How Shall I Print Thee?

Recently, while explaining Lawson printing solutions to a client, I realized how complicated and confusing this can be, particularly when you are running on a UNIX server.

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The P-Card Shuffle

Is there a reasonable Lawson solution for purchasing cards ("p-cards")?

After working through this with my "go-to" procurement consultant, I just don’t think there’s a good way…

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Are You Ready for Smart Notification?

For several years, I’ve consulted for a CIO who’s "tagline" is "The right information for the right person at the right time".

That phrase came to mind as I watched one of the most compelling product demos at CUE: Smart Notification. You may have seen the demo or heard about this technology, which Lawson acquired from Keyola ( just days before CUE 2002. 

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Lawson Denying Support to non-Lawson-Installed Software?

Heard through the grapevine that Lawson is getting tougher with its customers when it comes to getting support. Seems that the Lawson support policy, revised in July 2002, dictates that support will only be provided for software when “A Lawson-certified installer has installed the product”. (For more details, see ).

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DataBasics Not Good Enough for Lawson-How About for Microsoft?

A recent news item caught my eye: DataBasics has signed a developer agreement with Microsoft. (See ).

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