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Lawson ProcessFlow:You own it. Use it.

ProcessFlow.  Most Lawson clients don’t understand it.  You may not even realize that you own it.  Or appreciate its potential. Read more of this post

The Broken Chain & Lawson 9.0

Over the past few months, my wife and I have been tooling along our local bike trails. This came to a surprise halt a few weeks ago. First indication of a problem was that my chain was slipping every now and then as I pedaled hard up a hill. This time was no different, as the chain slipped a couple of times. No problem, I figured—I’d just take my bike into the local shop and have them give it the once-over. 
We only had a couple more hills to climb (thankfully, the people in the parks department have managed to put most of the trails along some old railway lines). Then, bam! The chain snapped clean in two. This meant a long walk home, and plenty of time to contemplate the meaning of this, in Lawson terms, of course. (You know that I’d come to that part eventually, didn’t you?).

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