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In Whom Do You Trust?

For larger enterprise applications, you typically sign (and pay for) an annual maintenance agreement covering day-to-day support and/or updates.  Or do you?

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Riding the Upgrade Crazy Train

You’re probably still dizzy, having just finished your Time Accrual to Absence Management upgrade.  And it doesn’t seem that long ago that we went through that frenetic cycle of LSF9 and 9.0 Apps upgrades.  Well, get ready folks–there’s more to come, with no foreseeable end in sight. 

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Cloudy with a Chance of Lawson?

Can Lawson Remain Relevant?

Some very interesting developments on the mid-market ERP space:
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No Pain, No Gain?

Sure, it’s a tired adage, but it’s rather fitting.
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Even If You Can’t Reproduce It, It’s Still a Bug

It’s one of my pet peeves. "We can’t enter it as a problem unless we can reproduce it."

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Caution: Rough Patches Ahead

Recently posted on a forum:

Has anyone encountered any problems when moving to ESP 7?
We are preparing to move to ESP 7 and are not aware of any problems, but if anyone has any bad experiences, please share.

This was immediately responded to by a user who said:

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The Morphing of the Enterprise Software Vendor Revenue Model

Is this an anomaly or an interesting market trend in the enterprise software?

In case you missed it this past week, Lawson released their latest financial results.
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Tell Us About Your S3 Apps Upgrade

Several Lawson clients have asked me about what I’m hearing about the Lawson S3 applications upgrades.  As you know, Lawson S3 apps will be decommissioned in 2010, and clients are in various stages of the upgrade.

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Troubleshooting "Duplicate Records" in Crystal Reports

If you haven’t discovered Ken Hamady, you need to check out his recent post on troubleshooting “duplicate records”.  This is perhaps the most frustrating issue that report designers encounter when developing reports against Lawson tables.

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