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Not a Win For LWSN

SAP announced today that Wal-Mart has selected SAP for Financials:

I honestly don’t think Lawson competes on the same level as SAP on Financials products.  But the SAP win at Wal-Mart is interesting, given Wal-Mart’s previous selection of Lawson for HR/Payroll, and Lawson’s assertions about how “Wal-Mart Loves Lawson”

Is this a confirmation of the “best of breed” approach, and the idea that Lawson and SAP are really in separate tiers (despite Lawson’s belief that they are competitors)?

Or does the SAP selection reflect a frustration on Wal-Mart’s part with Lawson, and problems with their HR/Payroll implementation, and not wanting a repeat performance with Financials?


One response to “Not a Win For LWSN

  1. The Creeper October 19, 2007 at 11:53 pm

    Lawson has some serious issues, they can’t provide proper support and have no idea how their software should run from a platform perspective. Firing your best infrastructure guys only complicates things further.

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