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On Infor and the Future of Lawson

Clients have been asking:

“Infor is acquiring Lawson, where do we go from here?”

Remember that Infor has historically been an acquisition-based software provider, and hasn’t offered a complete integration between their acquired product sets, resulting in some overlap between their products.

Infor’s prior acquisitions have included some industry heavyweights, such as Baan (ERP/SCM/Logistics) and Geac (Financials–formerly M&D/MSA). It has been speculated that Infor’s desire to better compete with Oracle (Infor’s CEO is former #2 at Oracle), coupled with the Lawson acquisition, will lead to more fundamental integration of their product offerings.

In the short-term, it will likely be “business-as-usual”, with Lawson operating as a separate business unit, followed by some high-level (i.e. web services/process-flow) integration between some of their respective products where it makes sense.

Longer term, I would expect Infor to leverage their Geac heritage for financials, and concentrate on the Lawson acquired products for HR, healthcare/informatics and procurement.

Here are some links to high-level product information on various offerings from Infor.

Also, see Frank Scavo’s post from his “Enterprise System Spectator” blog:

One response to “On Infor and the Future of Lawson

  1. Robert Eastman June 1, 2011 at 1:02 pm

    SMB Research’s take on the Infor-Lawson combination:
    (For our full analysis, see “Infor Global Solutions Acquires Lawson Software”:

    This is just one of the more visible efforts Infor has made to demonstrate its move beyond a history of being an assembler of solutions, and is intended to send a strong signal to customers and prospects, as well as to each of the companies, about Infor’s strong intention to build new capabilities.

    We see this as a move by Infor to solidify its place among the very top echelon of vendors as much as it is to fill specific functional or vertical gaps (in contrast to most of its earlier purchases). That said, Infor is no doubt coveting Lawson’s Best-of-Breed HCM and Talent Management solutions.

    Whatever Infor’s experience has been in the past integrating acquistions, Infor now has an eminently qualified man at the helm in Charles Phillips. So it is reasonable to expect that Infor will complete this latest acquisition at least as smoothly as previous acquisitions. Infor’s open letter regarding the acquisition provides customers, prospects, and Lawson, with a report card.

    Infor would be wise to leverage Harry Debes’ capabilities and experience. This should all become clearer over the next 90-100 days.

    See the SMB Research blog for the full article and recommended references.

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