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Who’s Minding the Store?

I know, I know.  I pick on Lawson Support too much.  Read more of this post

I’ve Been Immortalized!

I guess I can’t complain any more.  Lawson finally knows me!image

Is there a “LawsonAppliance” in your Future?

Software vendors just love to have their own dedicated box, right?  We all know about the Google Appliance

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Now (NOT) Serving Number …

Nothing says “we don’t care” better than lousy customer service. This was the “greeting” I received this morning on Lawson’s Support site when trying to open a case:
No Experts?

Maybe I’m just a little unreasonable, but this was on a Monday morning at 8:25am EDT.  Read more of this post

Lawson’s Quality Crisis…The More Things Change…

A number of years ago, I wrote a LawsonGuru Letter article titled “Lawson’s Quality Crisis”.  I really had high hopes that Lawson was turning the corner on these problems as part of their various initiatives (including their adoption of better CMM practices, the Xansa partnership, etc.)

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Simpler is Better, huh?

Simpler Is Better?

Simpler Is Better?

Sorry. I couldn’t resist.


Does Lawson Own a Time Machine?

Seth Godin writes in his blog today ( about the use of time manipulation by customer service employees in order to achieve “customer satisfaction”.   I often feel the same way when I hear Lawson tout its “successful support call” completion rates.

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This Time Lawson’s Right

I broached this subject on one of the Topica message boards a few weeks ago, and generated some controversial replies. Which means it’s a hot topic and worth sharing with the larger Lawson population.

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Lawson Thoughts for the New Year

Some thoughts as we start 2004:

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Lawson’s India Flap

By far, the biggest news this month on the Lawson front may be its most controversial. In conjunction with an announcement of some development layoffs, Lawson announced that, over the next 2 years, it plans to move some development jobs offshore to an as-yet-unnamed organization in India (see

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