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Riding the Upgrade Crazy Train

You’re probably still dizzy, having just finished your Time Accrual to Absence Management upgrade.  And it doesn’t seem that long ago that we went through that frenetic cycle of LSF9 and 9.0 Apps upgrades.  Well, get ready folks–there’s more to come, with no foreseeable end in sight. 

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Checkbox Computing

One of the people I pay attention to in the tech world is John C. Dvorak. While he’s not always right, he does provoke our thought process when it comes to technology.

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What Matters Now

Seth Godin is the EF Hutton  for our era.  When he speaks, I certainly listen—and you should as well.

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Cloudy with a Chance of Lawson?

Can Lawson Remain Relevant?

Some very interesting developments on the mid-market ERP space:
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No Pain, No Gain?

Sure, it’s a tired adage, but it’s rather fitting.
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Caution: Rough Patches Ahead

Recently posted on a forum:

Has anyone encountered any problems when moving to ESP 7?
We are preparing to move to ESP 7 and are not aware of any problems, but if anyone has any bad experiences, please share.

This was immediately responded to by a user who said:

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Lars, You Need a Cause

I’ve recently noticed some interesting ads, focused on brand loyalty and awareness:

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What’s Your VUE?

imageLawson has announced an interesting service offering, VUE ’09, targeted at those of you who weren’t able to make it to their recent CUE ‘09 conference in San Diego.

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Is LWSN Re-Investing Your Maintenance Fees?

Phil Simon forwarded this blog post about how software companies are “skimping” on R&D, and are using maintenance revenue streams to finance their on-going operations.  You—as the software customer—send the vendor some money each year—some to be used for providing you support, but some of it is expected to be used to further enhance the product. 

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